5 Nail Ideas for 2021 That You’ll Want to Try Immediately

5 Nail Ideas for 2021 That You’ll Want to Try Immediately

Regular trips to the salon might be on pause at the moment, but it hasn't stopped an endless surge of nail ideas and designs popping up on Instagram—particularly ones that are easy to do yourself from the comfort of your own couch. While you could certainly spend your extra time indoors searching for them, we took it upon ourselves to do it for you and gathered up every single save-worthy nail trend to cross our feeds in the past few months.

From plenty of twists on the French manicure to DIY-able rainbow nails and velvet nails, there's something for every vibe, mood, and all different nail shapes here. Whether you plan on (safely) hitting up your local salon or want to paint your own nails at home, scroll on for the best nail ideas of 2021.

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1- Velvet Tips 

Velvet nails took Instagram by storm for the holidays, but the festivities aren't over yet. Tone down the mesmerizing style (seriously, you have to see them in motion) by keeping the glitz to the tips.

2- French Manicure

Yes, the French mani is sticking around for 2021, and there are a ton of different ways to wear it. Check out our guide to the best French manicure ideas for even more inspo.

3- Mismatched Hands

For something that is a little more interesting than a classic mani but still requires zero skill, try a different shade on each hand. Make it even cooler with very of-the-moment shades like lilac and moss green. Try Essie Expressie in Get a Mauve On and Precious Car-Go! for a similar vibe. 

4- Pastel Swirls

Doesn't just looking at this metallic, pastel, ombré situation make you feel calmer? The best part is they're actually nail wraps, so it's super easy to get the same look at home.

5- Black and White Flowers

Proof that you can pack a punch without neon or glitter.

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